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Sauntering Through the Collaborative World
By Sean Creamer of Laws.com
Divorce is an ever-changing field. With many types of dispute resolution, Collaborative Law gains more and more traction every day. Darcy Shoop speaks about advocating for client in trying times. Read more at Laws.com.

Will Litigation Become the Alternative Form of Dispute Resolution
by Erik C. Johnson and Darcy Shoop
For years now, the phrase alternative dispute resolution (ADR)has been used to describe the use of mediation, arbitration, facilitation and/or collaboration as alternatives to the litigation process. The sense was that litigation has been, and would always continue to be, the primary vehicle parties used to resolve their disputes. More recently, however, a confluence of factors seems likely to create a notable shift in this traditional paradigm...Read full article

Practice and the Interdisciplinary Team Model
by Darcy Shoop
Collaborative Law, Collaborative Practice, and Collaborative Divorce are all terms that can be used interchangeably when referring to the revolutionary and relatively new model of alternative dispute resolution sweeping the nation. In Maryland... Read full article

Collaborative Law
by Mary S. Pence, Esquire
Like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I have a dream. I have a dream that the day will come when every attorney who practices family law in Maryland will have been trained in Collaborative Law, and will present it as an alternative to every new client. I have a dream that... Read full article

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